Only a London escort high class can please me


Hello, escort lovers! Today, I’d like to write a bit of a guide about why you should go out with a London escort high class. Well, actually I can’t say that it’s a guide. I’ll just be talking about some of the more important advantages of pursuing something like this. Are you guys ready to find out why I think going out with a London escort high class is better than traditional dating? Great, time’s up, let’s do this!

First of all, going out with a high class escort is a lot CHEAPER than traditional dating. I know that you’re looking at rates of 600 quid an hour right now and are probably thinking that I’m insane, but hear me out. You see a girl you like, you start talking to her. You’re investing time in chatting her up and you know that time is money. You know how much you make an hour better than I do, so think about that. You have to spend time chatting her up, when you could be taking care of your business or just having fun with the guys. Then you have the presents, the meals, the tickets to various events that you don’t even want to go to.

And all this for some action and the possibility of a long term relationship that will bring you joy, kids and all that good stuff. But there are very few relationships out there that actually get to marriage and just 50% of marriages actually go the distance. And I don’t even want to mention the fact that even marriages that stick end up becoming unhappy and stale after a few years. Is that what you really want? Or is it just better to hang out with an extremely beautiful woman, get busy and then move on to the next when you feel like it?

For me, the latter option is the only one worth considering. It’s just so much more efficient in terms of time and money, and a lot more rewarding when it comes to intimacy, conversation and that sense of discovery you get when getting to know someone new. What to you guys think? Is it better to go out with a London escort high class or to pursue more traditional dating?

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